Maple Leaf Club Shoot

Good day all

We did hold our summer shoot on Sunday afternoon, 8 July 2018, at RCL Branch 258, Highland Creek,  with the able assistance of Capt Ken Kominek and five Cadets from RCACC 2881, Queen’s Own Rifles.   Ken and his Cadets supplied air rifles, ammunition, target stands and all other required equipment and ran the range for us.   For a reasonable price Br 258 fed our members and the Cadets and we had the use of the bar.

It had been hoped that this might be a competition shoot between the MLC, the Messes, and the Rifle Team, but with no reply from any of those groups, and only 9 of our own members showing up, that idea went by the boards and we made it instead a familiarization shoot with the Cadet Daisy air rifle.

In spite of a natural resistance against using air rifles, all members opined that it was a good afternoon and definitely worth doing again.

There are several improvements to be made next time:   we should aim for late spring rather than summer, send out invitations further ahead and include firing from the prone position.   This time we used only standing and kneeling or sitting for ease in mastering the loading for the first time.

Our thanks to Ken and his Cadets.   See you all next time.

– Mike Holland


QOR Maple Leaf Club 2018 Marksmanship Competition

09 July 2018 Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 258

10m Outdoor Range .177mm Daisy Air Rifle, Model 853C

Standing, Grouping (X4 targets, X5 rounds each target)

Kneeling, Grouping (X4 targets, X5 rounds each target)


Ken Kominek – Range Safety/Conducting Officer

Gerry Senetchko – attended but did not shoot

Mike Holland – attended but did not shoot


4.5cm[6] – indicates the grouping size and the number of shots taken (in this example six shots

are on target with the best five scoring a 4.5cm grouping).

ns – indicates that no score was possible (three or less shots /eight or more shots per target).


Standing Position – Final Results

Place Name Unit Best Grouping Remainder of Groupings

1st Shaylen Young 2881 2.3cm 4.0cm, 5.7cm, 5.9cm

2nd Shaun Kelly MLC 3.7cm 7.5cm, 7.5cm, 8.0cm

3rd Dave Lavery MLC 4.0cm – 4.3cm 4.5cm, 4.7cm[6]

4th William Bautista 2881 4.0cm – 5.1cm 3.2cm[4], ns

5th Carlos Cosolo MLC 4.4cm 4.5cm, 5.0cm, 5.5cm[4]

6th Johnathan Smardenkas 2881 4.7cm 5.7cm, 2.6cm[4], 3.8cm[4]

7th Bob Dunk MLC 5.3cm 6.0cm, 6.8cm, 7.5cm

8th Rob Chan MLC 7.6cm 9.5cm, 6.0cm[7], 10.1cm[4]

9th Neil Arsenault MLC 9.0cm 4.0cm[6], 5.0cm[6], 9.0cm[4]

10th Brian Budden MLC 13.0cm 16.5cm, 9.0cm[4], 10.0cm[4]

11th Mark Shannon MLC 3.0cm[4] 4.0cm[6], 5.0cm[6], 8.8cm[4]

12th Caleb Murphy 2881 6.5cm[4] 8.1cm[6], 8.3cm[6], ns

13th Jaathus Kipiraran 2881 ns ns, ns, ns


Kneeling Position – Final Results

Place Name Unit Best Grouping Remainder of Groupings

1st William Bautista 2881 1.8cm 2.6cm, 3.3cm, 4.2cm

2nd Shaylen Young 2881 2.7cm 4.7cm, 4.8cm, 5.0cm

3rd Bob Dunk MLC 3.0cm 3.4cm, 4.0cm, 5.0cm[4]

4th Dave Lavery MLC 3.3cm 3.6cm, 4.0cm, 4.8cm

5th Carlos Cosolo MLC 3.5cm – 4.8cm 5.7cm, 7.6cm

6th Johnathan Smardenkas 2881 3.5cm – 5.0cm 2.7cm[4], 3.8cm[4]

7th Shaun Kelly MLC 3.8cm 5.5cm, 7.6cm, 5.6cm[6]

8th Mark Shannon MLC 3.9cm 4.3cm, 8.0cm, 3.1cm[4]

9th Neil Arsenault MLC 4.3cm 4.8cm[4], 5.0cm[6], ns

10th Rob Chan MLC 6.1cm 7.2cm, 5.6cm[7], ns

11th Brian Budden MLC 8.5cm 9.4cm, 10.0cm, 5.0cm[4]

12th Jaathus Kiriparan 2881 11.0cm ns, ns, ns

13th Steve Budden MLC 5.5cm[4] 3.7cm[7], 4.8cm[7], 6.4cm[6]

14th Caleb Murphy 2881 6.5cm[6] 4.5cm[7], 7.1cm[6], ns